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Nigu lake is located in California, USA.
灏煎彜婀栦綅浜庣編鍥 鍔犲埄绂忓凹浜氬窞锛
Fort Collins is a decentralized city in Larimer County, Colorado. It is not only the county capital of Larimer County, but also a medium-sized university city. Collinsburg is located 65 miles (105 kilometers) north of Denver, the capital of Colorado, in the Rocky Mountain metropolitan corridor, with an altitude of about 1525 meters. It is interspersed by a cache La Poudre River and a Spring Creek. With about 160000 residents, Fort Collins is the fourth largest city in Colorado. Colorado State University, founded in 1870, is located in Fort Collins.
绉戞灄鏂牎锛團ort Collins锛夋槸缇庡浗绉戠綏鎷夊宸炴媺閲岄粯灏斿幙鍐呯殑涓搴ф潈鍔涗笅鏀剧殑鍩庡競锛屽畠鏄媺閲岄粯灏斿幙鐨勫幙搴滐紝涔熸槸涓搴т腑绛夎妯$殑澶у鍩庛傛煰鏋楁柉鍫′綅浜庤惤鍩哄北鑴夐兘浼氬尯璧板粖銆佺缃楁媺澶氬窞棣栧簻涓逛經浠ュ寳65鑻遍噷(105鍏噷)锛屾捣鎷旈珮搴︾害涓1,525 绫筹紝鐢变竴鏉ache la Poudre娌冲拰涓鏉pring creek灏忔邯绌挎彃鑰岃繃銆傛煰鏋楁柉鍫$害鏈16涓囧眳姘戯紝鏄缃楁媺澶氬窞绗洓澶у煄甯傘1870骞村缓绔嬬殑绉戠綏鎷夊宸炵珛澶у浣嶄簬绉戞灄鏂牎銆
Bridgeport (Connecticut), or Bridgeport, is the largest city in Connecticut (population 137912 in 2006) [1] and the fifth largest city in New England. It is located on the shore of Long Island Bay and at the mouth of pekouk river. Bordering the long island Strait and near the pecurock estuary, it is 96 kilometers northeast of New York, with a population of 142000 (1980). It was established as a residential area in 1639 and built in 1836. Its industry developed rapidly from 1890 to 1910. The main industries include electrical materials, machine tools, helicopters and other aircraft, auto parts, missile parts, munitions, brass products, etc.
甯冮噷濂囨尝鐗 锛圔ridgeport, Connecticut锛夛紝鎴栬瘧妗ユ腐锛屾槸缇庡浗搴蜂箖鐙勫厠宸炴渶澶х殑鍩庡競 锛2006骞翠汉鍙137,912浜猴級[1] 銆佹柊鑻辨牸鍏扮浜斿ぇ鐨勫煄甯傘備綅浜庨暱宀涙咕宀搞佷僵闃旇鍏嬫渤娌冲彛銆傛花闀垮矝娴峰场锛岃繎浣╁簱璇哄厠娌冲彛锛屽湪绾界害涓滃寳96鍏噷锛屼汉鍙14.2涓囷紙1980锛夛紝1639骞磋灞呮皯鐐癸紝1836骞村缓甯傦紝1890-1910骞撮棿宸ヤ笟鍙戝睍杩呴熴備富瑕佸伐涓氭湁鐢垫枡鍣ㄦ潗銆佹満搴娿佺洿鍗囬鏈哄拰鍏朵粬椋炶鍣ㄣ佹苯杞﹂浂浠躲佸寮归儴浠躲佸啗闇鍝併侀粍閾滃埗鍝佺瓑銆
Located in Central Florida, Kissimmee is the county seat of Osceola county. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 50814 people in kisimi, including 67.22% of whites, 9.99% of African Americans and 3.38% of Asian Americans.
Boca Raton is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. At the time of the 2000 census, Boca Raton had a population of 74764. In 2006, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city had a population of 86396. Whites account for 90.75% of Boca Raton's population (including 84.2% of non Hispanics); Blacks accounted for 3.76%; Native Americans account for 0.16 &; Asians accounted for 1.99%; Pacific Islanders accounted for 0.04%.
鍗氬崱鎷夐】锛圔oca Raton锛 鏄綅浜庣編鍥戒經缃楅噷杈惧窞妫曟婊╁幙鐨勪竴涓煄甯傘2000骞翠汉鍙f櫘鏌ユ椂锛屽崥鍗℃媺椤挎湁浜哄彛74,764浜恒傝屽湪2006骞达紝鏍规嵁缇庡浗浜哄彛璋冩煡灞鐨勬暟鎹紝璇ュ競鏈変汉鍙86,396浜恒傜櫧浜哄崰浜嗗崥鍗℃媺椤夸汉鍙f暟鐨90.75%锛堝叾涓潪鎷夌編瑁斿崰84.2%锛夛紱榛戜汉鍗3.76%锛涚編鍥藉師浣忔皯鍗0.16&锛涗簹瑁斿崰1.99%锛涘お骞虫磱宀涙皯鍗0.04%銆
St. Petersburg (Russian: 小邪薪泻褌-袩械褌械褉斜褍褉谐锛 Saint Petersburg), located in the northwest of Russia, along the Baltic Sea and the Neva estuary, between 59 掳 ~ 60 掳 north latitude and 29 掳 ~ 30 掳 east longitude, is the central municipality of Russia, the capital of Leningrad state, the central city of Northwest Russia, an important land and water transportation hub in Russia, and the northernmost city in the world with a population of more than one million, Also known as the "northern capital" of Russia. St. Petersburg is also the headquarters of the Russian Federation naval fleet. St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, with an area of 1439 square kilometers, including an urban area of 606 square kilometers. Founded in 1703, St. Petersburg has a history of more than 300 years. The city name comes from St. Peter, the disciple of Jesus. Peter I moved his capital to Petersburg in 1712. It was the center of Russian culture, politics and economy for more than 200 years until 1918. In 1924, it was renamed Leningrad in memory of Lenin, and its original name was restored to St. Petersburg in 1991. St. Petersburg and the historic center have become UNESCO World Heritage sites. St. Petersburg occupies an important position in the Russian economy and is a large comprehensive industrial city. St. Petersburg is often called the most westernized city in Russia. It is the window from Russia to Europe. Many foreign consulates, multinational corporations, banks and other business strongholds are located in St. Petersburg. It is also an international city with high development of science, technology and industry.
鍦e郊寰楀牎锛堜縿璇細小邪薪泻褌-袩械褌械褉斜褍褉谐锛涜嫳璇細Saint Petersburg锛夛紝浣嶄簬淇勭綏鏂タ鍖楅儴锛屾尝缃楃殑娴锋部宀革紝娑呯摝娌冲彛锛屽浜庡寳绾59掳~60掳 銆佷笢缁29掳~30掳涔嬮棿锛屾槸淇勭綏鏂殑涓ぎ鐩磋緰甯傦紝鍒楀畞鏍煎嫆宸炵殑棣栧簻锛屼縿缃楁柉瑗垮寳鍦板尯涓績鍩庡競锛屽叏淇勯噸瑕佺殑姘撮檰浜ら氭灑绾斤紝鏄笘鐣屼笂浜哄彛瓒呰繃鐧句竾鐨勫煄甯備腑浣嶇疆鏈鍖楃殑涓涓紝鍙堣绉颁负淇勭綏鏂殑鈥滃寳鏂归閮解濄傚湥褰煎緱鍫′篃鏄縿缃楁柉鑱旈偊娴峰啗鑸伴槦鐨勬婚儴鎵鍦ㄥ湴銆傚湥褰煎緱鍫℃槸淇勭綏鏂浜屽ぇ鍩庡競锛岄潰绉1439骞虫柟鍏噷锛屽叾涓競鍖洪潰绉606骞虫柟鍏噷銆傚湥褰煎緱鍫″寤轰簬1703骞达紝宸叉湁300澶氬勾鐨勫巻鍙诧紝甯傚悕婧愯嚜鑰剁ǎ鐨勫紵瀛愬湥寰掑郊寰椼1712骞村郊寰椾竴涓栬縼閮藉埌褰煎緱鍫★紝涓鐩村埌1918骞寸殑200澶氬勾鐨勬椂闂撮噷杩欓噷閮芥槸淇勭綏鏂枃鍖栥佹斂娌汇佺粡娴庣殑涓績銆1924骞翠负绾康鍒楀畞鏇炬洿鍚嶄负鍒楀畞鏍煎嫆锛1991骞村張鎭㈠鍘熷悕涓哄湥褰煎緱鍫°傚湥褰煎緱鍫″拰鍘嗗彶涓績鍙よ抗缇ゆ瀯鎴愪负鑱斿悎鍥芥暀绉戞枃缁勭粐涓栫晫閬椾骇銆傚湥褰煎緱鍫″競鍦ㄤ縿缃楁柉缁忔祹涓崰鏈夐噸瑕佸湴浣嶏紝鏄竴搴уぇ鍨嬬患鍚堟у伐涓氬煄甯傘傚湥褰煎緱鍫$粡甯歌绉颁负淇勭綏鏂渶瑗挎柟鍖栫殑鍩庡競锛屾槸淇勭綏鏂氬線娆ф床鐨勭獥鍙o紝璁稿澶栧浗棰嗕簨棣嗐佽法鍥藉叕鍙搞侀摱琛屽拰鍏朵粬涓氬姟鎹偣鍧囦綅浜庡湥褰煎緱鍫★紝涔熸槸涓搴х瀛︽妧鏈拰宸ヤ笟楂樺害鍙戝睍鐨勫浗闄呭寲鍩庡競銆
Fort Myers, a thriving town with rich history and natural resources, connects an outward extending island with white beaches, various birds and colorful entertainment activities. The small town is close to the coast of the Caloosahatchee river. Due to the existence of the river, the town was established and its importance was enhanced during the Seminole war. Since the early 19th century, various celebrities and rich people have come to Fort Myers and its surrounding areas to settle and visit, especially Thomas A. Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, who built houses, laboratories and botanical gardens between the river and McGregor Avenue. McGregor Avenue is now the most famous Avenue in the town, thanks to Edison. He planted solemn royal palms on both sides of the old street, which is still the road sign of the town. In February every year, Edison festival of light pageant celebrates his birthday to thank him for his contribution to the small town (he also introduced electricity to Fort Myers). This lantern festival comes to a successful end with the night parade.
杩堝皵鏂牎锛團ort Myers锛夎繖搴ф娆e悜鑽g殑灏忓煄鏈夌潃涓板瘜鐨勫巻鍙插拰鑷劧璧勬簮锛屽畠杩炴帴鐫涓鐗囧悜澶栧欢浼哥殑宀涘笨锛屽矝涓婃湁鐧芥矙婊┿佸悇绉嶉绂藉拰涓板瘜澶氬僵鐨勫ū涔愭椿鍔ㄣ傝繖搴у皬鍩庣揣鎷ョ潃骞块様鐨勬渤锛圕aloosahatchee River锛夌殑娴峰哺锛岀敱浜庤繖鏉℃渤鐨勫瓨鍦紝鍦ㄥ绫宠灏旀垬浜夋椂鏈熷缓绔嬩簡杩欏骇灏忛晣骞舵彁鍗囦簡瀹冪殑閲嶈鎬с傝嚜19涓栫邯鍒濊捣锛屽悇鑹插悕浜哄拰瀵岃豹鏉ュ埌杩堝皵鏂牎鍙婂叾鍛ㄨ竟鍦板尯瀹氬眳鍜屽弬瑙傦紝鍏朵腑灏や负钁楀悕鐨勬槸鐏场鐨勫彂鏄庤呮墭椹柉路鐖辫开鐢燂紙Thomas A. Edison锛夛紝浠栧湪娌虫祦鍜孧cGregor 澶ч亾涔嬮棿寤洪犱簡浣忓畢銆佸疄楠屽鍜屾鐗╁洯銆侻cGregor澶ч亾濡備粖鎴愪簡灏忛晣鏈钁楀悕鐨勫ぇ閬擄紝杩欏叏寰楀綊鍔熶簬鐖辫开鐢熴備粬鍦ㄦ棫琛椾袱鏃佺涓婁簡搴勪弗鐨勭殗瀹舵姒堬紝鑷充粖浠嶄负灏忛晣鐨勮矾鏍囥傛瘡骞翠袱鏈堬紝鐖辫开鐢熺伅浼氳妭锛圗dison Festival of Light Pageant锛夐兘浼氬簡绁濅粬鐨勭敓鏃ワ紝浠ユ劅璋粬瀵硅繖搴у皬鍩庣殑璐$尞锛堜粬杩樺皢鐢靛紩鍏ヤ簡杩堝皵鏂牎锛夛紝杩欎釜鐏伀鐩涗細闅忕潃澶滈棿娓歌鍦嗘弧鍛婄粓銆
Rock Island refers to an isolated island surrounded by water after some rock (stratum) blocks remain in the riverbed due to the crustal movement and the difference of rock properties. It is called Rock Island. It is often seen in the middle and upper reaches of rivers. It stands against the water and is the mainstay of majestic momentum. Changmenyan island is located in the depths of the Yellow Sea, with an area of only 0.16 square kilometers. It is a "four no islands" without fresh water, residents, flights and regular electricity. There are 495 winter resistant trees on the island, which are between 200 and 830 years old. The trees are evergreen all the year round and bloom in winter and summer. When the flowers bloom, the island is red and enchanting. Changmen rock is named "winter resistant island".
Chicago, located in the south of Lake Michigan, is the third largest city in the United States and one of the international financial centers in the world. Chicago is located in the center of the North American continent. The coordinates of the city center are 41 掳 39 'north latitude and 87 掳 34' west longitude. It is the largest business center and one of the largest futures markets in the United States. The number of new enterprises in its metropolitan area has always ranked first in the United States and has been rated as the most balanced economy in the United States. In addition, Chicago also has many tall buildings, known as "the hometown of skyscrapers". As of July 2018, the population of Chicago was about 2706000. Chicago is one of the most important cultural, scientific and educational centers in the United States. It has the world's top universities, the University of Chicago, Northwest University and the world-famous Chicago school. As of October 2019, more than 100 Nobel laureates have worked and studied in Chicago (100 at the University of Chicago and 19 at Northwestern University). Chicago is a tourist destination. In 2016, it received more than 50 million tourists from all over the world. The time zone of Central American time represented by Chicago is UTC / gmt-6 (West Zone 6), which is 14 hours different from Beijing time at UTC / GMT + 8 (East Zone 8) (13 hours different from Chicago daylight saving time). In 2016, Chicago's GDP reached US $537.3 billion.
鑺濆姞鍝ワ紙Chicago锛夛紝浣嶄簬缇庡浗瀵嗘瓏鏍规箹鐨勫崡閮紝鏄編鍥界涓夊ぇ鍩庡競锛屼篃鏄笘鐣岀殑鍥介檯閲戣瀺涓績涔嬩竴銆傝姖鍔犲摜鍦板鍖楃編澶ч檰鐨勪腑蹇冨湴甯︼紝鍩庡競涓績鍧愭爣涓哄寳绾41掳39鈥层佽タ缁87掳34鈥诧紝鏄編鍥芥渶澶х殑鍟嗕笟涓績鍖哄拰鏈澶х殑鏈熻揣甯傚満涔嬩竴锛屽叾閮藉競鍖烘柊澧炵殑浼佷笟鏁颁竴鐩翠綅灞呯編鍥界涓浣嶏紝琚瘎涓虹編鍥藉彂灞曟渶鍧囪 鐨勭粡娴庝綋銆傛澶栵紝鑺濆姞鍝ヨ繕鎷ユ湁寰堝鐨勯珮妤煎ぇ鍘︼紝琚獕涓衡滄懇澶╁ぇ妤肩殑鏁呬埂鈥濄傛埅姝㈣嚦2018骞7鏈堬紝鑺濆姞鍝ヤ汉鍙g害涓270.6涓囥傝姖鍔犲摜鏄編鍥芥渶閲嶈鐨勬枃鍖栫鏁欎腑蹇冧箣涓锛屾嫢鏈変笘鐣岄《绾у搴滆姖鍔犲摜澶у锛圱he University of Chicago锛夈佽タ鍖楀ぇ瀛︼紙Northwestern University锛夊拰浜獕涓栫晫鐨勮姖鍔犲摜瀛︽淳銆傛埅姝㈣嚦2019骞10鏈堬紝閫剧櫨浣嶈璐濆皵濂栧緱涓绘浘鍦ㄨ姖鍔犲摜宸ヤ綔銆佹眰瀛﹁繃锛堣姖鍔犲摜澶у100浣嶃佽タ鍖楀ぇ瀛19浣嶏級銆傝姖鍔犲摜鏄梾娓稿湥鍦帮紝2016骞村叡鎺ュ緟鍏ㄤ笘鐣岃秴杩5000涓囧悕娓稿銆傝姖鍔犲摜浠h〃鐨勭編鍥戒腑閮ㄦ椂闂存墍鍦ㄧ殑鏃跺尯鏄疷TC/GMT-6锛堣タ鍏尯锛夛紝涓庡鍦║TC/GMT+8锛堜笢鍏尯锛夊寳浜椂闂寸浉宸14灏忔椂锛堣姖鍔犲摜澶忎护鏃舵湡闂寸浉宸13灏忔椂锛夈2016骞达紝鑺濆姞鍝ュ湴鍖虹敓浜ф诲艰揪鍒颁簡5373浜跨編鍏冦
Hammond is a famous industrial city in the eastern United States. It has unique development advantages in advanced manufacturing, higher education and other fields. Hammond - an industrial city in northwestern Indiana. Settled in 1851 and founded in 1884. It is an important river port and railway hub. Hammond - an industrial city in northwestern Indiana. It is located at the southern end of Michigan and 32 kilometers southeast of Chicago. Population 94000 (1980). Settled in 1851 and founded in 1884. It is an important river port and railway hub. Hammond is a famous industrial city in the eastern United States. It has unique development advantages in advanced manufacturing, higher education and other fields. The city's main industries include steel manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, food processing industry, chemical industry, etc. the famous American University Purdue University Branch is located in Hammond city.
鍝堣挋寰峰競鏄編鍥戒笢閮ㄨ憲鍚嶇殑宸ヤ笟鍩庡競锛屽湪鍏堣繘鍒堕犮侀珮绛夋暀鑲茬瓑棰嗗煙鏈夌潃鐙壒鐨勫彂灞曚紭鍔裤傚搱钂欏痉-缇庡浗鍗扮瀹夌撼宸炶タ鍖楅儴宸ヤ笟鍩庡競銆1851骞村畾灞咃紝1884骞村缓甯傘傛槸閲嶈鐨勬渤娓拰閾佽矾鏋㈢航銆傚搱钂欏痉-缇庡浗鍗扮瀹夌撼宸炶タ鍖楅儴宸ヤ笟鍩庡競銆備綅浜庡瘑姝囨牴婀栧崡绔佽姖鍔犲摜涓滃崡 32鍏噷銆備汉鍙9.4涓囷紙1980锛夈1851骞村畾灞咃紝1884骞村缓甯傘傛槸閲嶈鐨勬渤娓拰閾佽矾鏋㈢航銆傚搱钂欏痉甯傛槸缇庡浗涓滈儴钁楀悕鐨勫伐涓氬煄甯傦紝鍦ㄥ厛杩涘埗閫犮侀珮绛夋暀鑲茬瓑棰嗗煙鏈夌潃鐙壒鐨勫彂灞曚紭鍔裤傝甯備富瑕佷骇涓氭湁閽㈤搧鍒堕犱笟銆佹苯杞﹂浂閮ㄤ欢鍒堕犮侀鍝佸姞宸ヤ笟銆佸寲宸ヤ笟绛夛紝杩樻湁缇庡浗钁楀悕澶у鏅浮澶у鍒嗘牎鍧愯惤鍦ㄥ搱钂欏痉甯傘
Founded in 1865, COCOMO is located in the north central part of Indiana. The city's railways extend in all directions, and its industries include auto parts, precision instruments, radio, agricultural tools, rubber products, clothing, canned food, etc. The city produced the world's first commercial vehicle, the first pneumatic tire and the first all transistor car radio, and became a sister city with Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China. An industrial and commercial city in Indiana, 93 kilometers north of Indianapolis. The population is 47000. It was originally a trade point for Indians in 1842. The city was founded in 1865. Located in the center of a fertile agricultural area. Railways extend in all directions. Industries include auto parts, precision instruments, radios, farm tools, rubber products, clothing, canned food, etc. The first American car was produced here in 1893.
绉戠鑾競浜1865骞村缓甯傦紝浣嶄簬缇庡浗鍗扮瀹夌撼宸炵殑涓寳閮ㄣ傝甯傞搧璺洓閫氬叓杈撅紝宸ヤ笟鏈夋苯杞﹂浂浠躲佺簿瀵嗕华鍣ㄣ佹棤绾跨數銆佸啘鍏枫佹鑳跺埗鍝併佹湇瑁呫佺綈澶撮鍝佺瓑銆傝甯備骇鐢熶簡涓栫晫涓婄涓杈嗗晢鐢ㄦ苯杞︺佺涓涓厖姘旇疆鑳庛佺涓涓叏鏅朵綋绠¤溅杞芥敹闊虫満锛屼笌鎴戝浗娴欐睙鐪佷笢闃冲競缁撲负鍙嬪ソ鍩庡競銆傜绉戣帿 缇庡浗鍗扮瀹夌撼宸炵殑宸ュ晢涓氬煄甯傦紝鍦ㄥ嵃绗畨绾虫尝鍒╂柉浠ュ寳93鍏噷澶勩備汉鍙4.7涓囥1842骞村師鏄嵃绗畨浜虹殑璐告槗鐐广1865骞村缓甯傘備綅浜庡瘜楗跺啘涓氬尯鐨勪腑蹇冦傞搧璺洓閫氬叓杈俱傚伐涓氭湁姹借溅闆朵欢銆佺簿瀵嗕华鍣ㄣ佹棤绾跨數銆佸啘鍏枫佹鑳跺埗鍝併佹湇瑁呫佺綈澶撮鍝佺瓑銆傜涓杈嗙編鍥芥苯杞1893骞村湪杩欓噷浜х敓銆
Cedar Rapids, located in the east of Iowa, is the second largest city in Iowa and one of the important export cities in the United States. The city is located on both banks of Sida River, 164 kilometers northeast of Des Moines, the state capital. The population is 126326 (2010). The municipal government is located on mays island on the Sida river. Cedar Rapids is one of the few cities in the world where the government is located on the municipal island. As the prosperous art and cultural center of East Iowa, the city has Cedar Rapids Museum of art, the national Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, the paramount theater, the Cedar Rapids and the Iowa cultural corridor (the Iowa cultural corridor alliance). Since the 1990s, sidarapiz's Hollywood stars include Ashton Kutcher, Elijah wook, Ron Livingston, etc. the city is also the musical the Pajama Game and the comedy sidarapiz A good viewfinder.
閿¤揪鎷夌毊鍏癸紙Cedar Rapids锛夛紝浣嶄簬缇庡浗鐖辫嵎鍗庡窞涓滈儴锛屾槸鐖辫嵎鍗庡窞绗簩澶у煄甯傦紝缇庡浗閲嶈鐨勫嚭鍙e煄甯備箣涓銆傚煄甯傚潗钀戒簬閿¤揪娌充袱宀革紝鍦ㄥ窞搴滃緱姊呭洜锛圖es Moines锛変笢鍖164鍏噷澶勩備汉鍙12涓6326锛2010锛夈傚競鏀垮簻鍧愯惤鍦ㄩ敗杈炬渤涓婄殑姊呮柉宀涳紙Mays Island锛変笂锛岄敗杈炬媺鐨吂鏄笘鐣屼笂涓烘暟涓嶅鐨勬斂搴滀綅浜庡競灞炲矝涓婄殑鍩庡競涔嬩竴銆備綔涓轰笢鐖辫嵎鍗庣箒鑽g殑鑹烘湳涓庢枃鍖栭噸蹇冿紝璇ュ煄鎷ユ湁閿¤揪鎷夌毊鍏硅壓鏈崥鐗╅锛圕edar Rapids Museum of Art锛夛紝鍥界珛鎹峰厠涓庢柉娲涗紣鍏嬪崥鐗╁浘涔﹂锛坱he National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library锛夛紝娲炬媺钂欏奖闄紙the Paramount Theatre锛夛紝閿¤揪鎷夌毊鍏瑰奖闄紙Theatre Cedar Rapids锛変互鍙婄埍鑽峰崕鏂囧寲闀垮粖锛坱he Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance锛夈備粠涓婁笘绾節鍗佸勾浠h嚦浠婏紝閿¤揪鎷夌毊鍏瑰湪濂借幈鍧炵殑褰辨槦鏈夐樋浠椤柯峰簱褰伙紙Ashton Kutcher锛変紛鍒╀簹路浼嶅痉锛圗lijah Wook锛変笌缃楁仼路鍒╂枃鏂】锛圧on Livingston锛夌瓑浜恒傝鍩庝篃鏄煶涔愬墽銆婄潯琛f父鎴忋嬶紙The Pajama Game锛夊拰鍠滃墽鐢靛奖銆婇敗杈炬媺鐨吂銆嬬殑鍙栨櫙鍦般
Wichita city (English: Wichita), also known as Wichita, is located on the Arkansas River in Sedgwick County, Kansas. It is the largest city in the state and the county seat of Sedgwick County. Wichita is the most populous city in Kansas, with a total population of 392300 (2013). Wichita is a major aircraft manufacturing hub and cultural center in the United States. It has five aircraft manufacturers and McConnell air force base. Therefore, it is also known as "air capital". The inventor of modern fast food restaurant, White Castle hamburger and Pizza Hut pizza were first founded in this city.
濞佸濉斿競锛堣嫳璇細Wichita锛夊張鍚嶅▉濂囨墭锛屼綅浜庣編鍥藉牚钀ㄦ柉宸炲濂囧▉鍏嬪幙闃胯偗鑹叉渤鐣旓紝鏄宸炴渶澶х殑鍩庡競鍜屽濂囧▉鍏嬪幙鐨勫幙娌绘墍鍦ㄣ傚▉濂囧鏄牚钀ㄦ柉宸炰汉鍙f渶澶氱殑鍩庡競锛屽叡鏈変汉鍙39.23涓囦汉锛2013骞达級銆傚▉濂囧甯傛槸缇庡浗涓昏鐨勯鏈哄埗閫犱腑鏋㈠拰鏂囧寲涓績锛屾嫢鏈変簲瀹堕鏈哄埗閫犲晢鍜岄害搴峰灏旂┖鍐涘熀鍦帮紝鍥犳涔熻绉颁负鈥滆埅绌洪閮斤紙Air Capital锛夆濄傜幇浠e寲閫熼搴楃殑鍙戞槑鑰呯櫧鑹插煄鍫℃眽鍫″簵涓庡繀鑳滃姣旇惃鏈鏃╀篃鍦ㄦ鍩庡競鍒涚珛銆
Kolby, English name korbi. Born on December 16, 1985, he was a Tunisian football player. He was an avant-garde on the field. He played 9 times on behalf of the national team and scored 0 goals. Korbi, born on December 16, 1985, is a Tunisian football player. He is an avant-garde on the field. He has played for the national team for 9 times and scored 0 goals. Participated in the friendly against France in 2010 and many games against Cameroon, Gabon and Zambia.
Lawrence is located on the merrimark River in the northeast of Massachusetts. It is the county seat of Essex County, covering an area of 19.2 square kilometers. It's 51 kilometers north of Boston. There are tanning, leather products, electronic parts and other industries, especially wool and wool products. Lawrence is located on the merrimark River in the northeast of Massachusetts. It is the county seat of Essex County, covering an area of 19.2 square kilometers. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 72043 people, of which whites accounted for 48.64% and Asian Americans accounted for 2.65%.
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